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Willnice Home Kit
Ensure your child’s safety with the Willnice Anti-Choking Device. This 2-pack includes XS and S sizes, designed to clear airway obstructions and prevent choking in children. A must-have for every parent.
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How to Use the Willnice Anti-Choking Plunger?

Easy to Use

Position the device over the mouth, ensuring a firm yet comfortable seal to avoid any air escape.

¹ Place

Quickly push down the handle downward with a short, swift motion while keeping the mask firmly in place.

² Push

Pull the handle upward, creating stronger suction that effectively removes the obstruction, clearing the airway.

³ Pull

How Does Willnice Anti-Choking Device Work?

Patented Dual-Valve System
When the device is pressed, the intake valve closes, and the exhaust valves open, allowing air from the device's chamber to be expelled completely through the exhaust valves. This mechanism prevents any air from being pushed into the victim's airway, eliminating the risk of secondary injuries and complications during rescue. This effectively addresses the critical flaw found in existing products that use hollow hole which can inadvertently force obstructions deeper into the airway.

Willnice Patented Dual-Valve System
Two one-way exhaust valves
A one-way intake valve

When the device is pulled up, the exhaust valves close, and the intake valve opens, generating strong suction under powerful negative pressure to remove the airway obstruction effectively.

Leading Anti-Choking Solution for Safety and Effectiveness

Why Choose Willnice


The Willnice anti-choking device minimizes the risk of throat injury by avoiding invasive contact.

Exclusive Intake Valve

Unlike choking devices with hollow tubes, our intake valve design stops air from pushing the obstruction deeper, minimizing the risk of secondary injuries.

Comparison of Willnice and Other Brand Anti-choking Devices in Effectiveness

Patented Two-Valve System

Willnice is the first choking rescue device to implement a one-way double valve system. This design includes one one-way intake valve and two one-way exhaust valves, ensuring unidirectional airflow for superior safety and effectiveness.

Higher Suction Power

Generates 300 mmHg of suction, effectively removing foreign obstructions from the airway to restore normal breathing.

Visual demonstration of the powerful suction force of Willnice anti-choking device

Quick and Easy Use

Just 3 simple steps to manage choking emergencies. No professional training or Heimlich maneuver knowledge required.

Independently Usable

Can be used by yourself for choking first aid, offering peace of mind even when alone.

Lightweight & Portable

Our suction device is exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to carry in a bag, store in a car, or hang in your home for quick access.

How to Use Willnice Anti- Choking Device

Patent Granted

The Willnice anti-choking device is safeguarded by US Utility Patent Number 11478575.

FDA Registered

This choking rescue device is FDA registered, guaranteeing it meets the highest standards for safety and reliability in choking incidents.

SGS Approved

SGS has tested and approved the Willnice anti-choking device for reliability you can count on.

Willnice's Popularity Among Parents, Caregivers, and Professionals

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Willnice Reviews from Users Everywhere

Trusted and Loved
Buyer testing Willnice Anti-Choking Device for effectiveness
Having witnessed a scary choking incident once, I can't emphasize enough how important this device is. It's easy to use and can save a life.
Bought this for my grandparents and already it came to the rescue once. Can't express how grateful I am. Simple to use and effective. Every household should have one.
Buyer testing Willnice Anti-Choking Device for effectiveness
Every first aid kit should include this anti-choking device. It's straightforward, and the potential benefits are immense.
Buyer testing Willnice Anti-Choking Device for effectiveness
The peace of mind this device offers is priceless. I recommend it for all caregivers and parents. An absolute must-have, especially for homes with kids. It provides an added layer of safety during meal times.
Coyne J Cu
Play Video about Customer Reviews and Feedback on Willnice Anti-Choking Device

Patent Protection and IP Security

Willnice U.S. Patent No. US 11478575 B1
Willnice anti-choking device is protected by utility patent (US 11478575). This leading design ensures superior safety and effectiveness, setting Willnice apart in the field of emergency choking solutions by double-valve system 

Why Choose Willnice

Your Experts in Anti-Choking Devices
Willnice was inspired by personal trauma. The founder saw his grandfather choke on a piece of meat during a family reunion, echoing an earlier memory of his toddler sister choking on a grape. These incidents highlighted the critical need for effective responses to choking emergencies. Upon learning that choking is the fourth leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., he was driven to create the Willnice anti-choking device, a reliable solution designed to prevent choking and save lives.

Why Willnice Started

The Heimlich maneuver, though effective, can be challenging to perform correctly and may not be suitable for everyone, including pregnant or obese individuals. The founder tested existing choking devices but found significant flaws. One had a long, rigid tube that could injure the throat. Another had a hollow tube that risked pushing obstructions deeper into the airway. Driven to innovate a safer and simpler alternative to the Heimlich maneuver, the founder of Willnice developed an anti-choking device that is both effective and easy to use.

Why Willnice Developed a New Anti-Choking Solution

Willnice pioneered the integration of a one-way two-valve system in its anti-choking device, enhancing both safety and effectiveness over other market options. The device includes a central one-way intake valve and two side one-way exhaust valves. When pressed down, the exhaust valves open to expel air, and the intake valve closes. This effectively addresses the critical flaw found in existing products that use hollow hole which can inadvertently force obstructions deeper into the airway. When pulled up, the exhaust valves close and the intake valve opens, increasing the chamber’s volume. This creates strong negative pressure, generating powerful suction that effectively removes obstructions.

Why Willnice Is Designed with Two Valves

The name "Willnice" originates from the phrase "Everything will be nice," reflecting our mission to inspire positivity, hope, and assurance. Willnice is more than a product; it represents a commitment to safety and comfort, reinforcing the belief in positive results from any challenge. We aim to ensure well-being and security, promises we make to everyone.

Why We Named Our Brand Willnice

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